• Leah Liu the African Drum and Dance Song

    LeahLiuCoverbiggerLeah Liu the African Drum and Dance Song is a unique performance by Desert Rain Drum and Dance. It is a short story of fantasy and fun featuring Liu the Springhaas of the Kalahari desert. The story is set to original music with an African feel written by Shimmy Hendricks and features dance performances by ShadiaLiuSpringhaasPNG

    Modern film and animation techniques were used in the production of this first attempt at film making by Shimmy Hendricks and Winged Boot Productions, LLC. It promises to be a fun filled experience for all ages.

    Whether you like world music, drumming, dancing, love animals or if you are looking for just plain fun. It promises to be a little bit of everything. So forget your troubles and come with us on an adventure. Enjoy!



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