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Welcome to the wonderful world of Shimmy Hendricks.

A few thoughts to share as a musician…..

Everyone is an individual and has their own routine, thoughts, and methods of learning and performing and should use what method works best for them. Here are a few ideas that work for me.

Philosophy on the music....

No matter where you are on the ladder of education there is always something new to learn and new pastures to explore.
Whether it be Tribal, Egyptian, American Cabaret, Hawaiian, Oriental, African, Polynesian any other or World, I pretty much enjoy it all and feel that
every style offers something valuable and enjoyable to listen to and learn from.IMG_8025

As a guitarist throughout the years, I have studied many styles of music trying to be more of a well rounded musician. It’s kind of one style compliments the other
kind of a thing. For example. studying some classical technique gave me lots of discipline, jazz helped me with scalular movements. etc, etc.
I always tried to keep an open mind on other styles which I firmly believed helped me very much with improv and creativity.

Although I might have had a favorite style of music, branching out helped me because when I got back to my favorite it would always seem fresh to me.
When I write a lot of different styles come into play.

Respect for other talented musicians…..

There are many highly talented musicians in a given style or particular instrument. I have a lot of respect for and enjoy listening to. I am a firm believer in giving respect to someone where respect is due.

Some other ventures I continue to pursue….

Continue to work on my fantasy film, creating more with Desert Rain, and producing some high tech videos including some guest dancers.

Special thanks to all…

And once again thanks to all the wonderful and highly talented dancers with all their unique styles and personalities, talented teachers, musicians, dance studios, DJ’s, club owners, venues, photographers, video people, friends and all others associated in the world of belly dance who have been and continue to be
such an inspiration to me

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