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Leah Liu the African Drum and Dance Song

Leah Liu the African Drum and Dance Song is a unique performance by Desert Rain Drum and Dance. It is a short story of fantasy and fun featuring Liu the Springhaas of the Kalahari desert. The story is set to original music with an African feel written by Shimmy Hendricks and features dance performances by…
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The Mercury Fables

The Mercury Fables is … What would happen if all the people, animals, gods and goddesses from all over the world got together and everyone got along. Even if it was just for a short time. Imagine what it would be like. Now imagine that at the center of it is an invention that could…
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Desert Rain Drum and Dance

Desert Rain Drum and Dance is the collaboration of Shimmy and Shadia for dance performance and original music.    


Merrockury was founded by Joseph Fligiel, who provided the Creative Direction and content to the concept. His roles included Executive Producer, Music Producer, Video Production and Photography, Costume and Prop Production, Art and Conceptual Design, Set and Stage Design, Business, Marketing and Advertising, Script Writer, Original music composer and arranger, Lyricist, Performer and so on……
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Costume and Prop Work

Shimmy and Shadia Hendricks are expert costume and prop makers. Their extensive experience in creating unique and original items has been used for both dance and film work. Everything from beautifully designed feather headdresses, to artfully created Genie lamps are in their creative arsenal. An insight on the costumes… Original costuming plays a very important…
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Shimmy Hendricks

Welcome to the wonderful world of Shimmy Hendricks. A few thoughts to share as a musician….. Everyone is an individual and has their own routine, thoughts, and methods of learning and performing and should use what method works best for them. Here are a few ideas that work for me. Philosophy on the music…. No matter…
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